W'UP★2⽉17⽇~3⽉10⽇ ESOW個展「商店街クルーズ」 ナイトアウトギャラリー(渋谷区神宮前)

W'UP★2⽉17⽇~3⽉10⽇ ESOW個展「商店街クルーズ」 ナイトアウトギャラリー(渋谷区神宮前)




会 期 2⽉17⽇(⼟)~3⽉10⽇(⽇)
時 間 13:00〜19:00
会 場 ナイトアウトギャラリー(東京都渋⾕区神宮前3丁⽬42-7 ⻘⼭太洋ビル3F 301号室)
WEBSITE https://nightoutgallery.com/
※オープニングパーティー 2/17(土) 18:00〜21:00まで。

Night Out Gallery is happy to present to you ESOW’s solo exhibition : ‘Shopping Street Cruise’ The exhibition will start on Saturday the 17th of February at 1pm. The opening party will be from 6pm to 9pm the same day. The show will end on Sunday 10th of March.

‘Shopping Street Cruise’ There are many shopping streets in Asakusa, but it is fun just to wander around the shopping streets crowded with locals. Pedaling your bicycle slowly, wander, wander, let's go to that store again today for a cup of coffee, shall we?

Born in Tokyo, 1972. Started riding a skateboard at the age of 13, went to the United States at 17, found graffiti and created his own style influenced by the Japanese aesthetic concept of “Iki” that originated during the Edo era of Tokyo. Based out of Tokyo, Asakusa, his pieces have been presented not only in Japan, but also the United States,Europe, and Asia. The medium used for expression ranges broadly with a flexible approach, including but not limited to paper, walls, wood, and three dimensional forms. A member of the Japanese skate culture crew pioneer T19 since its inception, and also an artist of DYEZU-EXPERIMENT that left its mark in the history of Japanese graffiti.
Dates : 02/17 - 03/10
Monday to Sunday from 1pm to 7pm
Opening party : 02/17 from 6pm to 9pm
Closed on Tuesday and Wednesday




* (公開されません)